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Smart Industry

We design and develop custom software architectures that are able to manage the entire data flow coming from your smart devices, making sure that your data is always safe and consistent.

We can offer you full support during the design phase of custom hardware devices to seamlessly collect data that can be processed and integrated with your system.

IT Consulting

Our team is heterogeneous, multidisciplinary and driven by passion, that’s why we can support you in the design and development of your idea, starting from the prototyping phase to the development of a ready-to-market product.

We work with the latest technologies, and we love to learn new techniques every day to create and maintain cutting-edge projects.

Mobile & Web Apps

We build scalable Web Applications and native apps for iOS and Android, keeping quality and attention to detail as our main focus, always using the most recent technologies available.

We believe in good design and we can guide you in choosing the best user experience and help you choose a great visual design for your product

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Our IoT platform for everyone,
Reliable, scalable and easy to use.


Track your daily water consumption with one of our best application.

Open Source Projects

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